Neck Pain /stretching and exercises with good technique

neck pain
neck pain

we’re going to be talking about today is our neck pain stretches. Now the neck can be very tricky and it can have serious, serious injuries to it, so it’s key to go to your doctor or your physical therapist and get a correct diagnosis and get imaging that you need. So this is really just some gentle stretches to get you going if your neck is just stiff or maybe you slept on it wrong. 

neck pain relief exercise

So the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start off with some gentle stretches, not even using your hands but just with your neck.

So the first thing I’m gonna have you do to start off is just bring your chin down to your chest. And then hold it just for about 5-10 seconds and then look back up towards the ceiling. Same thing for just about 5-10 seconds. Now you want to make sure you’re staying in a plane front to back, that you’re not turning your head. This is really in a straight plane. Bringing that chin down to your chest and then bringing it back. Good. 

Now then the next one that you want to do is you want to take your ear to the side. Now, this is another key, you just wanna gently bring it to the side. You don’t want to bring your shoulder up, you’re not actually touching your shoulder to your ear, your shoulder is staying in one spot. You’re just bringing it over, the same thing now, it’s in a plane this way. So you wanna keep it in that plane you’re gonna stretch about 5-10 seconds, and then your gonna come back the other way. Stretch 5-10 seconds.Good. So you’re gonna do that about 3-5 times in each direction, good.

And once that gets a little bit loosened up, now what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna rotate a little bit. So you’re just now gonna turn, almost like you’re looking over your shoulder. Same thing about 5-10 seconds and then turn back the other way. Very good and then stretching it out. So those are just starting off with some simple stretches without doing anything except moving your head and getting those stretches in there. Front to back, side to side, turn to turn, Molly’s embarrassing me, but that’s ok. 

So the next thing that we’re gonna do is we’re going to add some overpressure. Basically what overpressure is is you just use your hand to give you a little more pressure added to the stretch. So these stretches are actually going to be our traditional 30-second stretches, 3 times on each side. Now the key is for this one is you’re gonna hold your hand underneath your leg. Now the key for this is it’s gonna keep your shoulder flat and it’s gonna pull down a little bit.

so you’re already getting a little bit of a stretch. What you’re gonna do now is you’re just gonna bring your hand on the top of your head, not on the top of your head right here, but on the top towards the opposite way, and you’re just gonna pull over to the side. Straight over. You want it to go in that plane, you’re trying to take that ear to the opposite shoulder. And you’re just gonna take some deep breaths, breathe in and out, might fall asleep. And those 30seconds, 3 times each on both sides. Make sure you’re doing both sides so you keep everything even.

All right, so then last one that I’m gonna show you is our levator scapulae stretch, and that’s the muscle that pulls your shoulder blades up, that scapulae up. The key for that one is lots of times people get hunched over a lot, they’re typing on the computer, and those muscles get really tight. And when those muscles get tight, people tend to get tension headaches. So a really good way to stretch that out is your gonna take the arm the same side that it’s hurting, and your gonna put it up on your shoulder if you can. And then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take your other hand and put it kind of on the back of your head. And you’re gonna pull it towards your opposite knee.

So you’re not pulling it straight down, you’re not pulling it to towards the side, but towards your opposite knee. Almost like a 45-degree angle. So your gonna hold it up as high as you can, and you’re gonna pull your head down. A nice stretch, remember those stretches don’t want to be painful, you don’t want to feel any pain in your neck (neck pain), but you wanna feel a nice stretch in there. 30 seconds, 3 times each. Make sure you do both sides, you want to get everything stretched out. And that’s just the simple stretches for your neck pain. Just to get everything loosened up.

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