INCLINE BENCH PRESS: best for upper chest (Clavicular head)

incline bench press
incline bench press

Equipment needed : Barbell & Adjustable bench 

Target : chest muscle ( upper pectoralis major muscle, lower pectoralis major muscle , anterior Deltoid muscles )


Level : Beginner & advanced technique

Incline bench press in Chest workout As we know that our chest is made up from three muscles consisting of Clavicular head, Sternal head, Sternoclavicular head, And in this exercise we will cover the Clavicular head. We will recommend you to do this first exercise in  chest workout Because when we do this exercise the upper muscle of our chest gets activated. If we talk about the benefit of incline bench press, then this exercise is very important for the upper muscles of our chest Because it makes our chest very broad.This muscle is called the clavicular head. As we know if we do incline bench press we activate the clavicular head. from this It’s good to start; we feel good stretching in the chest and shoulder during incline bench press. 

we know that we do work hard to active our upper chest(clavicular head) and we can do many exercises for active our upper muscle (clavicular head) like upper dumbbell fly, upper cable fly,


lie on your back on the bench and put the weight on the barbell according to you.

Set the bench to a 45 degree angle.

When you are going to hold the barbell make sure your hand should be equal and strong and use each hand safely.

make a 90 degree angle between your arms.

inhale and lower the bar slowly. until it touches your chest.

Slowly bring it down until the barbell touches it on the upper chest.

Then after that, slowly turn the bar upwards until your hands are fully formed and exhale after being done, then do the same process 12 times, complete a complete set.

make 50 to 60 degrees diagonally-Ish by your hand and do this slowly.

 Set 3 to 4 Rep’s 6-8,8-10,10-12


The thing to keep in mind is that whenever you do this workout, you take care of breathing when you have to breathe and when you want to breathe.

Second :- your grip should be very strong. So that you do not dis-balance your barbell

Thirdly :-when barbell will go down then you can do 2 type of hold first you will make 90 degree angle to elbow and shoulder should be state you have to do a little slow workout which will gives you  more control and contraction between your muscles and this is a good  start toward development.

The thing to keep in mind is that whenever you do this workout, you should take care of breath when you have to breathe.  Second, your grip should be very strong So that the barbell does not disbalance. Thirdly,when the barbell will go down then you can do 2 types of hold.

First with the help of the elbow and shoulder you can make a 90 degree angle in this you can take the barbell down slowly Until your hands form a 90 degree angle.

Second :- slowly down the barbell until it touches your chest. This technique will give more contraction between muscles. you can use this method in all body part training.


When you bring the barbell down, you have to hold the barbell at least for 3 seconds. after a 3 second hold you have to bring the barbell up. We are focused on slow procedures  because if we follow this method then our muscles grow fastly.


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