BARBELL SHOULDER PRESS :one of the best shoulder exercise


Equipment needed : Barbell & Adjustable bench or flat bench 

Target : shoulder muscles ( lateral deltoid, Triceps brachii, Anterior deltoid, trapezius (middle and lower ), Serratus Anterior and Clavicular head

Level : Beginner & advanced technique

Barbell shoulder press is one of the famous exercise exercises of the shoulder as it gives a pump to the muscles while activating the shoulder, which causes a bodybuilder to become motivated and also increases the ability to exercise. Which is why most bodybuilders like to do this exercise and do this workout first while doing shoulder workout. Let’s know which muscles are active while doing workouts and what are the names of those muscle’s.

Our anterior deltoid muscle activates when we lift both barbells and when we bring the barbells down, our lateral deltoid, Triceps brachii, trapezius (middle and lower), Serratus anterior and Clavicular head muscles are activated.

We can do this workout in two changes.  First we can do this workout standing up and second we can do  in the sitting position.  Bodybuilders usually like to do this workout in sitting position because they are supported by the bench when they sit on an adjustable bench and bench protected bodybuilder back from injury and in the other position we can do this workout while standing.

When we do this workout in standing position, we have to be careful because if we are going to do this exercise along with light weight then we can use this light weight with exercise when we will gain weight  This can be harmful to our back and life, so we will advise you if you are doing this Barbell shoulder press exercise then always like to do with sit position.


First of all we have to take an adjustable bench And sit on the bench. you can do this exercise even by standing.

In Next step Now you have to take the barbell and set weight according to you Now you have to lift the barbell. your elbow and your shoulder should be in a parallel line and your Barbell will go to  upwards slowly. and your elbow and your shoulder be will make a triangle like you see in the image above

Step third :-Now your third step is that you have to move the arm up, that is, you have to move the Barbell up, this much do you have to lift the Barbell so that the shoulder and elbow are in a straight line, then bring it down with elbow and  Bring your hands up and down and  complete your whole set.

In this workout you have to take care of your breathing and when you take the Barbell down , you will inhale and when you take the Barbell up, you will exhale the breath.


When you bring the barbell down, you have to hold the barbell at least for 3 seconds. after a 3 second hold you have to bring the barbell up. We are focused on slow procedures  because if we follow this method then our muscles grow fastly


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