A Warm Up exercises : warm up exercises for good start

A Warm Up exercises
warm up

a Warm Up exercises is usually a Life Routine Give To Prepare Your Body For a Specific Muscle or a Group of Muscles usually Helps For Blood Sugar,Heart Rate, Blood Circulation in cardiovascular System, Raising Your Body Temperature, Etc So We Can Do many Things, So be Prepare For Body Warm Up

Neck Tilts (Rotate Neck both Side)

There Should be no Jerk In The Neck While Doing The Workout, Therefore, The neck Should be Turned around and Active All Your neck muscles. like you Can do The neck upwards and downwards.  band the neck towards the right hand and then band in the opposite hand Can Bend over and Rotate The neck Clockwise and  Anti Clock Wise.

Half Body Rotation

If you wanna try to do half body Rotation then you have to stand properly and concentrate on your upper body and hold your hand in front of your face. make sure your shoulder should be rotated properly both side right or left you have to be breathing properly this warm up exercise works for your lower body and shoulders also and rotate your upper body 10 to 15 times both sides.

Arms Circle (wide)

In this warm-up exercise we will stand and with our hands do the circles at least 10 times forward and backwards for at least 10 this warm up exercise targets your shoulder muscle and gives strength for good workout.

Torso Rotations

Hold the waist with both hands and stretch the waist in the right side, then stretch in the left side like this and then stretch backwards and likewise rotate in front and round with it. take at least 10 round’s each side. This warm up exercise will improve your lower back and if you have back pain problem then we will recommend you do this for pain relief.

Jumping Jack

now we gonna learn properly perform jumping jacks so first thing we gonna do standing  up for your arms side keep your feet together next you gonna jump bring your feet apart and then bring your hands over your hand and  clap over your head now we simply return back to starting position by jumping in bring a feet back together and arms back to the side wants to get comfortable go a had increase speed this is a great. this is gonna be a great warm up exercise .


our next exercise is lunges we are putting this exercise in a warm up exercise because lunges activate thigh muscles and we will active upper body and lower also and lunges for lower body part exercise  one of the best exercise and we will learn in next article so let’s start The first for lunges will be standing upright. After standing upright, raise one leg forward and sit one leg behind you and one forward make sure your forward leg should be at 90 degrees.  Then you repeat it and bring it back, then raise the other leg and then bring it back, we call this process lunges.  In this process our thigh muscles become very active and it is a very good exercise for warm up.

If you want to make it even harder, then first of all take one leg back and then take the same leg in the air and band it, take care to bring your knee to your chest.  Then move the leg back and then do the same process with the other leg.  Keep in mind that when one of your legs is backwards, the front leg is making a 90 degree angle.


Pushups are a very popular warm up exercise in which we can activate our upper all body part in one exercise and if we do it in the right form so lets start. First of all, you will stand upright. After standing, in the process of lying on the ground, you will touch your hands from the ground in such a way that your body is not touched, but in the process you will push your body upwards and  Then after that you will let your body go downwards, if you pay attention in this process, then your chest will become very active.  In this process, keep in mind that your shoulder and your chest will be in exactly equal position, this process is called pushups.


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